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The professional software for creating
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Lidiacopybook is software designed to create highly interactive digital exercises - inherent to all curricular subjects - offering levels of graphic customisation comparable to those possible with printed material.

The results are exercises that can be completely integrated with a Learning Management System (LMS), an application platform that enables the use of "e-learning" courses.

Software designed for the world of publishing

Perfect for integrating interactive content alongside books when teaching

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Here are just a few examples of interactive activities:

  • questions with true/false answers;
  • questions with multiple choice answers;
  • cloze tests (fill in the missing words);
  • open questions;
  • filling in of tables;
  • linking elements with a logical connection;
  • puzzle solving;
  • logic problem solving.

These are just some examples of solutions made possible by the Lidiacopybook digital environment.

Expand your range of publications

With Lidiacopybook you can put together digital exercises to round out your range
of products

Are your clients teachers, educators, authors?

Are your clients teachers,
educators, authors?

Lidiacopybook offers them the teaching tools they need. It is a software that meets the need for a simple, effective tool for writing, editing and layout of teaching exercises with a high level of interaction.

Checking and monitoring students' work is no longer just a dream: today it is a reality

Lidiacopybook makes it possible for the teacher to monitor each student’s work, to check the correctness of exercises given and analyse time spent studying. This gives a global picture that helps in achieving the teaching goals.

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