With Lidiatex you can do the text analysis
and create your conceptual maps from a digital text

With Lidiatext you can import or write a text, analyse it,
build your Concept Map and save it in your personal space.

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Specifically for the study and analysis of literary text; it enables the building and development of concept maps.

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Created for structural and lexical analysis of any kind of text. it enables a complete, new cognitive approach.

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Specifically for logical subjects;
it enables innovative study of mathematical formulas with symbols and numbers, equations and functions, derivatives and integers, showing the results in graph form.

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Designed for analysis, study, elaboration and viewing
of scientific data

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Created for the world of publishing, it enables the creation of exercises devised for a highly interactive digital approach, inherent to all curricular subjects.

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With Lidiatext you study on line

without the need to download any software


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