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Create your CONCEPT MAP
from a digital text

Import or write a text, analyse it, build your concept map and save it in your personal space.

With the PRO version you can print and share it with your teacher or classmates.

Digital tools for text analysis

creation of Concept Maps
simply and quickly!

Lidiatext: learning has never been so easy

Lidiatext: learning has never been so easy

  • No need to download any software: you do everything on line
  • Create all the documents you want (PRO version);
  • Study your texts simply and quickly;
  • Build your concept map using focal questions and concept boxes;
  • Share it with your teacher or classmates (PRO version);
  • Print and use it to present in class: you can even create your exam project (PRO version).

A simple,
quick new way of studying

is now possible thanks to Lidiatext

Check out the structure of Lidiatext

Check out the structure of Lidiatext

  • section for text;
  • section for insertion of focal questions;
  • section for concept boxes that are automatically used to generate the Concept Map;
  • window for reorganisation and completion of the map;
  • section for production of the text summary and paraphrasing.

Free your desk

Lidiatext focuses all the tools needed for analysis of a text and creation of concept maps in a single space.

With Lidiatext you study on line

with no need to download any software


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